Fractional CFO Services for fast-growing agencies

We help ambitious entrepreneurs unlock new levels of growth, take home more profits, and streamline their financial operations.

You can't put off your finances forever...

  1. Revenue is a vanity metric… if your profits aren’t growing with your revenue, something is broken.

  2. Things will only get harder as you grow… more people, more clients, more costs: more headache.

  3. Your accountant will help you keep al your past numbers clean, but what you need is forward-looking support.

  4. If you don't have accurate and timely information about your financial performance… you are operating blind.

  5. You are leaving millions on the table during an exit if your finances are a mess.

Profitability & Peace of Mind

We offer a full range of financial services targeted to your agency's specific situation and goals.
Always with the goal to increase your profitability & reduce any anxiety.

Level 1: Process & Profitability Audit

What you'll get:

  • Banker-level financial health check

  • Overview of ways to add more revenue

  • Overview of identified cost savings & risks

  • Review of current financial processes & tools

  • Report with actionable next steps to take

Level 2: Bullet-Proof Finances

One-off projects to solve your challenges:

  • Complete bookkeeping setup

  • Complete CFO-Level Finance Dashboard

  • Implementation of cost-saving initiatives

  • Creation of investor-proof financial model

  • Financial planning for hiring or growth

Level 3: Ongoing CFO Support

Putting you back in the drivers seat:

  • Weekly calls with your CFO

  • Weekly cash forecasting & planning

  • Complete CFO-Level Finance Dashboard

  • Accurate and timely budgets for growth

  • Professionalizes your entire business

Our solutions

We recommend to start every engagement with our Process & Profitability Audit.
This requires a one-off payment of $2,000 and has a guarantee that you will never pay more than the savings we can identify.


$500 p/m

  • Complete setup

  • Monthly Financials

  • Private Slack Channel

  • Quarterly Review Calls

Full-CFO Service


  • Cash Modelling

  • Live Dashboards

  • Weekly Support Calls

  • KPI Setting & Tracking

  • Budgets and Forecasts

  • System & Software Setup

Mini-CFO Service

$1,500 p/m

  • Financial Planning

  • Budgets & Dashboards

  • Monthly CFO Call

  • Custom KPIs & Metrics

  • Risk & profitability tips


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